International Business Consulting Services

In the international business consulting our key role is to find out best alternative way of doing business for our clients. Especially in Turkey doing business can be different from the home countries of our clients, CRAS International Business Consulting is capable to integrate companies from different business cultures in order provide a healthy commercial environment for both organizations to work as easy as they do in their home country.

Strategic Alliances and Partnerships Management

In the international business area in some cases its necessary for the organizations to find a partner or even shareholder at the target country in order to do business effectively in a certain country. This partner can be a company of the target country or a multinational company that has already been working in the target country. CRAS International Business Consulting aims to supply reliable contacts, possible strategic and business partners, distributors that are capable of support the business success of our clients.

Business Contracts and Legal Transactions Management

Business contracts and legal transactions are one of the most important aspects of doing international business. It is essential that every company, organization or individual have to make written agreements at all times of its business life. CRAS Business Consulting and our experts will be with the investors and companies in all their business transactions and agreements during the given time period. This period can be only at the foundation or can be longer. Our experts are ready to serve our clients to prepare, control and reorganize all types of written business agreements.

Market Penetration and Expansion Strategies

Companies that are interested in making investment in a certain country at a specific sector have to set a well suited expansion and market penetration strategy in order to earn significant profits. These strategies have to be determined by the specific conditions of the desired market or country. The motto of “think global act local” is used in order to explain this situation, many successful company strategies can be useless in another country, CRAS International Business Consulting works as an investigator for its clients to find best strategy according to the market demand, consumer behavior and recent market trends at the targeted country. Our services include reports that contain market penetration and expansion strategies, target country based product and service positioning and building a strong brand and brand loyalty.

Market Research and Rival Analysis

Market research and identification of other companies operating at the same market is vital for companies that are at edge of an investment decision. Companies that decide to enter a new market or expand their business by adding potential countries to their existing network. CRAS International Business Consulting is a pioneer at market research and rival analysis especially in the real estate sector in Turkey and capable of sharing its experience with its clients in any sector at any time.

Real Estate Investment and Valuation Reports

In the modern era of business, real estate can be seen as one of the most profitable investments in all over world. Like all other business sectors the key of success is to buy and sell products at right price. Main focus of CRAS International Business Consulting can be explained as real estate investments and it is really proficient in Real Estate Investment and Valuation Reports that help investors to make best deal in real estate business.