About Us

In today’s global business environment CRAS International Business Consulting is aiming to provide reliable and effective business solutions for international organizations that are interested in doing business in foreign countries. It is certain that every country has a unique business environment and the way of doing business can be different between countries.

The differences between countries in business environment will be one of the most important hurdles that prevent companies to make international investments and international cooperation. CRAS International Business Consulting is ready to make significant contributions to our client’s future investments around the globe. We are ready to supply critical market information, detailed market analysis, detailed market competitor analysis, business information reports, useful contacts and a serious business network, financial reports and several types of valuation reports.

Our company has been established due to the high demand of business consulting especially in Turkey, located in İstanbul that is the heart of business in Turkey and the region. There are numerous investment opportunities in Turkey such as real estate, textiles, automotive, restaurant, energy, chemicals, alternative energy, electric mobility, software and technology, tourism etc. Also many Turkish companies are ready to make investments abroad. We are ready to be a reliable link between companies, organization and even individuals who are interested in international business investments.